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LCS Proudly Sponsors the M&A Launchpad Conference

LCS proudly participated as a gold sponsor at the first annual M&A Launchpad Conference held in Houston, Texas, on May 11th. This outstanding event brought together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and insights in SMB mergers and acquisitions.

As part of our commitment to fostering industry growth and innovation, LCS was honored to support this significant gathering. The conference provided a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussing the future of SMB M&A, making it an invaluable experience for all attendees. Among many other conference highlights was the insightful panel discussion on financial and legal due diligence, featuring Max Lummis of LCS, Jess Bailey of the Bailey Law Firm and Andrew De Luna of Bayou Moon Capital.

Max's expertise and engaging presentation delved into the critical aspects of financial due diligence, offering practical advice and sharing his extensive knowledge. His contribution underscored the importance of thorough financial analysis in successful M&A transactions and demonstrated LCS's leadership in the field.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers at Disrupt Equity for a well-executed event and to all the participants for their enthusiastic engagement. LCS looks forward to continuing our support for future M&A Launchpad Conferences and contributing to the advancement of the SMB M&A community.

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