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Sell-Side M&A Diligence

Let LCS help accelerate your deal and maximize your valuation.

A sell-side Quality of Earnings (QoE) report is a detailed analysis of a company's financial statements to help prepare for a sale or initial public offering. While the cost of a QoE report can vary depending on the size and complexity of the company and the level of detail required, it is a valuable investment often yielding a positive return.

Benefits include:

  • Early identification of potential accounting "red flags" or necessary restatements which may materially impact the valuation or closing terms.

  • Addressing accounting deficiencies before going to market, which can ultimately lead to a higher valuation and a smoother transaction process.

  • Adding credibility to the financial information and which increases potential buyers' confidence in the company. 

  • Preparing sellers for the buyer's QoE process.

  • Gathering and organizing necessary financial information and supporting data for the buy-side QoE. 

  • Aligning the seller's expectations with financial reality.

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